Amtele Communication

We know RF & Microwave. Strong suppliers, high level of competence and fast response. We supply a vast range of systems, instruments and components covering the frequency range DC - 500GHz. Our markets are Telecom, Defence, Space, Avionics, EMC/EMI, Wireless and Automotive.

Amtele Engineering

We have the sensors and instruments for measurement and calibration from manufacturers we selected carefully to provide you with the best options. Leading suppliers for measurement for water, environment and geotechnics. We also have Sweden's best solution for calibration and maintenance of your instruments.

Niche experts in over 50 years

Amtele is an agency operating in four business areas. RF & Microwave, Water & Environment, Sensors & Instrumentation and Calibration Services. Our suppliers are distinguished by being the technology leader in its field and is represented worldwide. We are a supplier to  the most prominent companies in the industry. Primarily in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical and automotive industries as well as aerospace, defense and telecommunications industry. Let us prove our expertise in systems, instruments, components and support services.